Our Bioclimatic Pergola is modern, has a minimalist design and advanced technology. Fully automated model, in which the roof consists of aluminum profiles rotated by 135°. Smooth adjustment of the angle of the slats gives full control over sunlight, enables natural ventilation and free air circulation.
The solid, 100% aluminum structure is resistant to extreme temperatures and weather conditions, including wind up to 160 km/h and snow load of 120-620 kg/m2 (depending on the dimensions of the structure). Water is drained through an integrated system hidden in the load-bearing profiles. It can be equipped with glazing, blinds, heat radiators and water mist diffusers.
Thanks to the possibility of modular connection, we can freely create an unlimited space that requires roofing. Thecombination of these features makes it an unrivaled and an all year-round product.