Sliding Glass Doors


The system of glass sliding panels combines functionality and elegant design. 
A glass wall means being close to nature while keeping your distance. Offering many benefits, the system fits into any architectural context and can be installed in various types of spaces, such as terraces, gardens or even balconies. Frameless sliding and folding doors are almost invisible when closed. Safety tempered glass with a thickness of 8, 10 or 12 mm is safe to use.
 The buildings extend the season from early spring to late autumn. It is an ideal solution for glazing. The idea behind this solution is horizontally sliding panels , moving with the use of tracks on a three – four- or five-track aluminum profile. The panels provide protection against adverse weather conditions: wind, rain, snow, dirt and noise, without limiting visibility. Frameless sliding panels are almost invisible when closed. The system allows the use of panels with a width of 50 to 120 cm.